Forest Ridge Families,
Beginning January 19th, applications will be accepted for Optimum Learning Environments (OLE) Charter School. One classroom in grades 1-5 is a designated charter class.  Once enrolled in OLE, students are automatically re-enrolled every year, so grades 2-5 for the 2021-22 school year are filled. We do continue to accept applications for the waiting lists for those classes and if a student moves we select the next student on the wait list to fill the spot.

Enrollment in the 1st grade class is by drawing to be held the middle of March.  Applications are accepted from January 19th through February 26th, 2021. In an effort to reach interested families, we will send applications home with all current Forest Ridge kindergarten students in their February take home packets. If your child is a charter student and you have a kindergartner you want to enroll in the 1st grade class, you must submit an application. Applicants who have a sibling enrolled in OLE will be selected first. The remaining applicants will be drawn to a maximum of 26 students. A wait list will be created from any remaining students. The office will contact the parents of the students who were picked.

For grades 2-5, names are drawn and added to the wait list in the order they are drawn. Vacancies can occur at any time and those spots are filled by the wait list. Students from other Salem-Keizer areas are welcome to apply. If you desire more information, please visit our website There you will find frequently asked questions regarding OLE Charter School.

Click here for the online application.
Please send completed applications to: